Expat Counseling Group

As psychotherapists working with expats, we meet many clients who for different reasons are struggling in Denmark. Despite individual differences, cultural differences, and differing struggles, there are also several similarities in the experiences that expats have in Denmark. Some of these are:
  • Being foreign or feeling unwelcome
  • Making friends
  • Struggling with the Danish culture
  • Struggling to learn the Danish language
  • Loneliness
  • Growing feelings of anxiety
  • Low mood or self-esteem

What is the expat counseling group?

The expat group is a group of 5-8 expats who share similar issues, and seek help dealing with issues related to expat life. Together with a therapist, they get together once per week and engage in a process of sharing stories, giving and receiving help and advice, and finding new ways of adjusting or dealing with living as an expat in Denmark. Group therapy is often a powerful process of healing through recognition of not being alone, and that others have had similar experiences, feelings and thoughts.

The Expat Group will take place every two weeks and last for a duration of 1,5 hours.
The therapist supports and guides the members by bringing up a theme or asking open ended questions. The sharing is voluntary and happens very naturally. Once you feel safe within the group you open up naturally, sometimes with gentle prompting. Listening to others can be just as therapeutic as sharing your own concerns. 
All members have an informational meeting with the counselor before joining the group. Every member must sign a confidentiality agreement. The first group meeting will include orientation and an open discussion about some of the rules and guidelines involved in being in a group. These include asking each member if and how they would like to be greeted, should they meet another member outside of the group and some of the ground-rules for group conduct. The group is an intimate and closed forum where every member needs to feels free to share information and has to be assured by the other members that the information stays within the group. For purposes of group cohesion, we ask for a commitment to the group. This means we ask group members to respect the group by being on time, and coming to sessions unless they have very significant reasons not to.
Meetings cost 500 dkk, and lasts 90 minutes. Meetings take place at Østergade 13, just off Kongens Nytorv. Please contact Edita Petojevic for further details.