Psychotherapy sessions:
  • Individual psychotherapy: DKK 950,- per 50 minute session.
  • Couples counseling: DKK 1250,- per 60 minute session.

Student rebates may be offered on a case by case basis.



After your first and subsequent sessions, you will receive a bill. You can commonly pay via bank-transfer, mobilpay, or cash. Please arrange with your therapist if you have specific needs.



Private insurance:

Some companies will reimburse a portion of your fees. If you have private insurance coverage, please contact your provider for details. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to email me at We've been through this process a few times and con potentially help you.

National health care system (sygesikring):

We are a private clinic, and as such can not accept payment through the Danish health care system. If you have a referral from your doctor and seek to use the Yellow Card, you will have to find a different service provider. This gets quite complicated, and I am happy to help you through the process. Please send me an email at if you would like my help in navigating the Danish health care system for purposes of seeking psychotherapy.