Beverley Lim Høeg, M.Sc. (Psychology), PhD

Hello! I am a health psychologist dedicated to helping my clients improve their emotional and physical well-being, so they can focus on living the life they want.

My job in therapy is to provide you with a safe space to slow down, reconnect with what is important to you, and gain the confidence and skills needed to cope with the problems you are facing.


I am originally from Malaysia and have also lived, studied and worked in Singapore, the United States and now, Denmark. I have degrees from the University of Wisconsin (B.Sc. in Psychology) and Copenhagen University (M.Sc. in Psychology, PhD in Health and Medical Science).

Besides being a therapist, I am also a researcher specializing in bereavement issues and the psychological aspects of coping with cancer, and am currently carrying out studies at Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen University Hospital) and Herlev Hospital.

I am married to a Dane and am a mother of a “tween,” a teenager and three slightly overweight cats.