Markus Lien

I have a master’s degree in Clinical Health Psychology from Eötvös Loránd University. I completed my internship at Vangseter, Norway’s leading addiction treatment facility, and I worked there since 2018 as a therapist.

Markus Lien


In February 2021 I was employed at the Double Diagnosis Ward at Sct. Hans Psychiatric Hospital, in Roskilde.

I’m currently on my way to become an authorized psychologist with a continuing specialization in CBT. I practice evidence-based psychotherapy rooted in the theories of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Client-centered therapy.

I also have experience in progressive muscle relaxation and mindfulness-based techniques. I am a member of the Danish Psychotherapy Association and the Norwegian Society for Psychological Science.

What happens in Therapy

Each treatment will be tailored depending on the client’s preference and current needs. It will be a collaboration where we together find the most meaningful way forward. I will strive to create a safe and supporting environment where you can feel free to explore whatever is concerning you.

I will give each client unconditional positive regard, empathy, and acceptance in the therapeutic alliance. In here, you can feel attentively heard and deeply understood. I will ask pointed and helpful questions so that you can increase own insight and develop healthy motivation.

Taking steps to begin therapy might be intimidating, but in my experience, people feel a sense of relief and hopefulness, and are glad that they came.

I believe all human beings have an inbuilt propensity toward self-actualization, and if obstacles are removed, the person will develop into a mature, fully realized adult. Most people also report equally good effects of online therapy.

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