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At Psychology Group we are a collection of skilled, experienced and passionate psychologists and physiotherapists in Copenhagen who strive to offer the best treatment to you regardless of your needs. We offer treatments in English, Danish, Spanish and Norwegian.

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Our treatment areas

In addition to treating specific mood, anxiety and personality disorders (see other treatment pages) we often see clients who struggle with being stuck in their lives, feeling like they are not good enough, or not quite understanding why they are feeling disconnected or unfulfilled.

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We are ready to receive questions and requests for a psychologist in Copenhagen. Fill out the form and include what you are looking for and your needs and we will return to you soon as possible.

It is possible to reach us both by phone and by email. We will respond within 24 hours.

Our therapist

At Psychology Group you will meet a group of psychologist in Copenhagen with passion for the mental health. We are experienced physiotherapist, therapist and psychologist and covers different areas in psychology.

We provide psychological services to people in both Danish and fluent English. If needed, we also provide services in Spanish, German or Norwegian.

Psychological treatment

We believe that the right approach to psychological treatments is through collaboration across our group. With learning, we can go further and offer the best treatments to our clients.

When we use each other’s assistance, we can expand our knowledge and benefit from each other’s experiences. With daily meetings and weekly supervisions we can accommodate the best collective knowledge and experience.

At Psychology Group we always do our best to provide you with the best treatment and meet your needs and preferences. We use research-based treatments, so you get effective and well-researched treatment from your physiotherapist or psychologist in Copenhagen.

We know, through research, that collaboration between client and therapist is essential for productive treatment. In addition, active engagement is important for development, which also requires you and your presence. We take you safely by the hand along the way.

Ethical considerations

We want you to feel safe, and we always have our clients’ best interests at heart. A session with a physiotherapist or a psychologist in Copenhagen at Psychology Group is based on how you prefer a session.

All our treatments are carried out ethically and with full confidentiality and privacy. Everything you communicate during your session remains confidential in our room. We follow and are based on the rules and guidelines of the Danish Psychologists’ Association and the Council on Ethics.

We tailor each session to suit your wishes and personality. With a range of different methods and approaches, we will find the right approach for you in Copenhagen. 

We look forward to hearing from you, and to helping you with any problems and conflicts you may be struggling with.

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If you have any questions regarding individual therapy, you are always welcome to contact us. You can contact us via the contact form on this page, at the telephone number: +45 31 20 23 21 or by email:

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We are a group of experienced psychologists and therapists at the Psychology Group, who provides psychological services to people in both Danish and fluent English. We can also help if you are seeking therapy in Spanish, German or Norwegian.


We offer therapy to individual adults and children, couples, and families. You choose yourself or are assigned the therapist who can best help you through your specific issues.

Personality Disorders

Understand and learn to deal with emotional reactions

Child therapy

Understand what your child's behaviors mean.


Get control of your anxiety with treatment through psychotherapy

Eating Disorder

Treatment of all eating disorders


Depression is unique and comes in varying degrees of severity

Couples Therapy

Identify inappropriate patterns in the relationship and achieve better communication


Find causes and see solutions with therapeutic help


Get tools to process traumatic experiences