M.Sc. (Psychology), PhD

Beverley Lim Høeg

I am a health psychologist dedicated to helping my clients improve their emotional and physical well-being, so they can focus on living the life they want.


My job in therapy is to provide you with a safe space to slow down, reconnect with what is important to you, and gain the confidence and skills needed to cope with the problems you are facing.

I am originally from Malaysia and have also lived, studied and worked in Singapore, the United States and now, Denmark. I have degrees from the University of Wisconsin (B.Sc. in Psychology) and Copenhagen University (M.Sc. in Psychology, PhD in Health and Medical Science).

Besides being a therapist, I am also a researcher specializing in bereavement issues and the psychological aspects of coping with cancer, and am currently carrying out studies at Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen University Hospital) and Herlev Hospital.

I am married to a Dane and am a mother of a “tween,” a teenager and three slightly overweight cats.

What can I help you with?

I offer both individual face-to-face and online sessions and can help you if you are struggling with any of the following:

  • Work-related stress and burn-out
  • Stress and anxiety related to exams or studies
  • Self-esteem and identity issues
  • Coping with an illness or disability
  • Caregiver burn-out in relation to caring for an ill partner or parent
  • Grief related to losing a loved-one, a pet or a job

I also offer specialized treatment and counseling sessions for the following:

  • Body image and sexuality after a mastectomy
  • Anxiety due to fear of cancer recurrence or progression
  • Managing chronic fatigue, pain and insomnia after cancer treatment
  • End-of-life conversations and planning

My therapeutic approach

I work primarily within the framework of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and compassion-focused therapy (CFT). Click on the acronyms to learn more. Research has shown both therapeutic approaches to be effective in promoting positive change and well-being. The goal of ACT is to help you reconnect with the present moment, uncover what you value in life and commit to taking baby steps towards your goals, while I have found that CFT makes this journey easier by helping you develop compassion towards yourself and others. I use worksheets (that you get to keep) in most of my sessions, and give simple exercises or “homework” that will help move you forward in between sessions. Do not hesitate to contact us and we can help you decide if I am the right therapist for you.

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