Assessment of Child Intellectual abilities


Intellectual ability

Your child will sit down across from the tester, and engage actively in working through tasks such as 3 dimensional puzzles, memory quizzes, logical tests, etc. The actual testing procedure takes approximately 2 hours. The subsequent scoring and report writing will be done by the test administrator and often takes approximately 3 hours.

Assessment of intellectual ability happens via the Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children, rev. 4(WISC-IV). The WISC measures intellectual ability of children from 6 to 16.99 years. It provides an overall measure of general cognitive ability, and measures intellectual functioning in Verbal Comprehension (VC), Perceptual Reasoning (PR), Working Memory (WM) and Processing Speed (PS). It is a thorough assessment, given by a trained test-administrator. 

This test can also be used to assess and diagnose underlying concerns, in conjunction with other assessment tools, and a thorough interview by the psychologist.

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I hold a Doctorate degree in clinical psychology, offering treatment in English, Danish, and French.


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