We offer psychotherapy to mostly English speaking individuals and couples. You may be struggling, feel sad, overwhelmed, afraid, or just need some advice. We can help. In part we can do this by creating a safe and confidential space in therapy in which you can explore and express your concerns and feelings. At other times, we help through techniques and approaches that have been well researched and proven to be change-inducing. If you feel like this might be something you can benefit from, then spend a little time here on our website. Look around, and then get in contact with one of us.

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Today's thoughts

Aims in Therapy

Insight – the ability to understand the origins and development of emotional difficulties, leading to an increased capacity to take rational control over feeling and actions.
Self-awareness – becoming more aware of thoughts and feelings that had been denied or blocked, or how one is perceived by others.
Relating – becoming better at understanding others and being able to maintain healthy and satisfying relationships.
Cognitive change - the modification or replacement of irrational beliefs or thought patterns.
Self-acceptance – accepting areas that had previously been subject to self-criticism and rejection.
Behavior change – the modification or replacement of maladaptive or self-destructive behavior patterns.
Self-actualization – moving in a direction of fulfilling potential and integration of oneself.
The therapeutic relationship is used as an arena for exploration, where the therapist creates a safe and flexible enough space for you -the client- to explore and develop whatever dimension of life is most relevant to your wellbeing.
(From An Introduction To Counselling by John McLeod) 

-- Edita