We are two mature and experienced fluent-English therapists who offer a broad range of psychological services to adult individuals and couples. You may be seeking psychotherapy for the first time, or you may be returning after a while. You may anticipate having to talk about things that are private, embarrassing, or things you have never talked with anyone else about. Yet doing so can be tremendously beneficial. We will do what we can to help, in part by creating a safe and confidential space in which you can explore new and potentially fruitful ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. You can read much more about each of us below.

Therapist Corner


Psychologists often think of anxiety as a group of different problems including
Generalized anxiety
Social anxiety
Panic disorder
Anxiety attacks
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Posttraumatic stress disorder
Health anxiety disorder
Anxiety often includes the following:
Feeling keyed up or on edge
Difficulty controlling the nervousness
Easily fatigued
Muscle tension
Sleep difficulties
Additionally, the experiences that set off anxiety can be many things such as tests, presentations, performing in front of other people, open spaces, heights, or even remembering a bad experience.
It is important for the treatment of these concerns that an accurate diagnosis is made. People's experience of anxiety is personal and real. Each person's experience is unique, few have all the symptoms, and each symptom is often presented in unique ways.
Just as with the depression symptoms, you do not need to have all these symptoms, but if they are troubling you or getting in the way of you being happy and productive, then there are things we can do to help you.
Depression and anxiety are treatable, with research suggesting psychotherapy as the first choice of treatment, occasionally in collaboration with medical treatment (anti-depressants).