We are three internationals who offer a broad spectrum of psychological services to expatriates in Denmark. All three of us are fluent in English, and have all lived and studied in English speaking countries. In addition, at least one of us is also fluent in Danish, German, Yugoslavian and Swedish.

We have found that a cultural and language match can be a benefit in the therapeutic process. When this is not possible, then seeing a therapist who has had their own "extra-cultural" experience is an important tool in the process of understanding a person's background and experiences.

In therapy we create a safe and confidential space where you can explore your difficulties. As therapists we have all been trained in techniques and processes that have been well researched and proven to be change-inducing.
Please spend a little time on our website to get to know us and how we approach therapy. We look forward to working with you!
-- Edita, Hanne-Berit and Peter.

Today's thoughts


In my therapy practice I think and read a lot about anxiety. Anxiety is many things, but perhaps it can be useful to think of it as a mechanism developed through evolution, to keep us alive when we are in danger. It works by making us anticipate that something is going wrong, and then to make us try as hard as we can to figure out what that something is.
Severe anxiety, such as what is experienced during a panic attack, is so strong that some clients have reported to me that they would prefer the physical pain of chopping off a finger if they could only stop feeling the pain involved in the panic attack.
That much anguish, coupled with the mechanism developed by evolution to keep us alive are the motivating factors that drive the worry, the fear, the negative anticipation so common in anxiety; It is little wonder that our minds work so hard to try and figure it out, and to make it stop. 
-- Peter