Assessment of attention difficulties in children

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Conners scoring system

The Conners assessment tool is used to diagnose attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders (ADHD) and some of the most commonly co-occurring problems. It is issued to parents, teachers and the child themselves. It is used for children and adolescents only (6-18 yrs).

Test of Attentional Performance

The Test of Attentional Performance (TAP) is a software package that is used to examine attention functions and aspects of visual perception in adults and children. The test battery consists of a variety of tests that allow a differentiated look at the various facets of attention. The child being tested will perform a series of tests on a laptop in the clinic. The test consists of a series of visual stimuli that the person being tested responds to. Subtests include alertness, sustained attention, vigilance, visio-spatial attention, and focused attention. The TAP helps establish an appropriately differentiated diagnosis of attention deficits.

Behavioral Rating Inventory of Executive Functioning

The Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function, ver. 2 (BRIEF-2) is a test of executive functioning that can be given to teachers, parents and child. The self-report form is administered to the child or adolescent themselves (ages 11-18), while the teacher and parent forms can be given to children and adolescents ages 5-18. It consists of 3 subscales, the Behaviour Regulation Index (BRI); the Emotion Regulation Index (ERI); and the Cognitive Regulation Index (CRI). It helps us assess attention deficit disorders, including potential underlying and similar problems as well as sub-type of ADHD, from a behavioral point of view.

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Pilar Madueño,
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I am a Spanish psychologist offering treatment in both English and Spanish. I currently work with children, adults and families.
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Julia sees adults and children in therapy, and further does child assessments.
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MA, MSc., PGDip
English speaking Family Therapist. I offer services in English, to families, parents, couples, individuals, and children.


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