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Individual adult psychotherapy (per 50 minute session):

DKK 1050,-

Family therapy (per 50 minute session):

DKK 1050,-

Child Therapy (per 50 minute session):

DKK 1050,-

Couples therapy (per 1hr session):

DKK 1565,- (incl. VAT*)

Testing and assessment (per hour incl. scoring, reports, etc.):

DKK 1250,-

(Reduced fee services offered on a needs basis. Please ask.)

*All prices include any VAT etc., as appropriate. In Denmark, health related services are excluded from regular sales tax. However, couples therapy is not.


Please give us at least 24hr notice when cancelling. We have to charge you the full fee if you do not cancel or have a good reason.

Pubic Health Care/Insurance

The “Yellow Card”

As a private clinic we do not have an arrangement with the public health care system in Denmark, sorry to say. You can therefore not use a referral from your medical doctor.

Private insurance

Most private insurance companies reimbursing in Denmark will also reimburse one or more of our clinicians. Please contact us and/or your insurance company for more details regarding requirements.

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Monday – friday: 7.00 – 20.00
Saturday – sunday: 10.00 – 15.00

Find us

You will find us centrally in the center of Copenhagen within easy walking distance of the Central Station or the Town Hall Square.

Puggaardsgade 5, st.th,
1573 København V.

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We do our best to respond within 24 hours.


We offer therapy to individual adults and children, couples, and families. You choose yourself or are assigned the therapist who can best help you through your specific issues.

Personality Disorders

Understand and learn to deal with emotional reactions

Child therapy

Understand what your child's behaviors mean.


Get control of your anxiety with treatment through psychotherapy

Eating Disorder

Treatment of all eating disorders


Depression is unique and comes in varying degrees of severity

Couples Therapy

Identify inappropriate patterns in the relationship and achieve better communication


Find causes and see solutions with therapeutic help


Get tools to process traumatic experiences


We are a group of experienced psychologists and therapists at the Psychology Group, who provides psychological services to people in both Danish and fluent English. We can also help if you are seeking therapy in Spanish, German or Norwegian.