M.A. in Clinical Psychology

Daniela Medina

I am an Argentinian psychologist offering psychotherapeutic treatment, in both English and Spanish, here in Copenhagen. In the following, I will introduce myself and tell you about my training and experience as a psychologist.

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Education and experience

I earned my Masters in Psychology at Buenos Aires University, in Argentina. After that, I continued my postgraduate studies on Orientation Psychology and worked at the Vocational Guidance Department at the same university. Here I actively participated in research projects and provided group and individual treatment to adults and adolescents. I acquired further clinical experience at B. Rivadavia public hospital in the city of Buenos Aires, where I provided individual psychotherapy to adults. I also worked as a psychologist in a therapeutic educational center focused on the social integration of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). I consider it essential to stay up to date, so I engage in continuing education; these studies allow me to keep up with the challenges of my current practice.

Therapeutic orientation

I work within a psychoanalytic framework which allows me to listen to the uniqueness of your exploration. Starting from the exposed problems, we begin a path together which makes it possible to find the causes and help you cope with your concerns. One of the functions of the analytical dialog (dialog during therapy) is to communicate subjectively and simultaneously work to understand why we think, act and feel the way we do. For these reasons, I believe it is essential for me to hear you as a unique and singular individual, so we can collaborate to help you improve your quality of life.

How I work

During the first sessions we will talk about the reasons that led to the consultation. Sometimes they are not clear but expressed through indicators that highlight a discomfort. An indicator can be felt as anguish, anxiety, reluctance, inhibition, negative or unexpected thoughts, irrational fears, problems in interpersonal relationships, depression, feelings of loneliness, among others. Our joint task will be to put into words and, in the process, unravel the causes of discomfort. And in so doing, define the objective and expectations of the treatment, which will likely also be updated throughout it. My intention is to maintain a fluid dialogue and an active position, from which I intervene through providing tools, questioning and explaining or proposing ideas. The more symmetric and collaborative the analytical relationship is, the more possibilities we will have to achieve the objectives proposed. The sessions are offered in a warm and personal environment where you can feel comfortable, and find the confidence to talk about your thoughts or concerns.

Treatment for adults and young people

I provide treatments to adults and young people with problems related to anxiety, grief or loss, depression, psychosomatic diseases, panic attacks, social relationships, low self-esteem, stress, emotional dependence, vocational guidance, vital transitions. I know the difficulties and challenges associated with living abroad, I offer my experience and professional training to help you go through it the best way possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact me.

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