M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology

Babette Goldbach

I am a psychologist, with a specialisation in cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy. My education was completed in Germany and is recognised also in Copenhagen. Throughout my professional career I have worked within institutions and also as a self-employed psychologist, offering support to clients of all ages in both German and English.

Therapist Babette Goldbach


I have a Bachelor’s degree in Educational psychology (B.Sc.) and a masters degree in psychology with focus on clinical psychology (M.Sc.) both acquired from the university of Hildesheim in Germany. I undertook extra courses and training with qualified professionals to specialise in both hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Read more about hypnotherapy here.

After my studies I worked for several years as a regional head of the psychology department at the regional authorities for school and education in Braunschweig, Germany as well as in my own practice for psychotherapy and coaching.

In 2022 I moved to Copenhagen, and have not looked back since, I really enjoy the way of life here and the peacefulness of nature.


In therapy I offer you a confidential protected and judgemental free space in which you can work on your topics. How we approach your topic and what methods we use can differ from the topic but also from your needs. Often my approach is that the right answer is already in you – I offer professional knowledge and methods to support you to find them. 

My approach towards therapy can be defined by three key values

1) Confidentiality – needless to say, I always maintain the highest level of confidentiality
2) Safety – I provide a safe space for you to address the questions, challenges, thoughts you may have.
3) Open – A judgement free environment where you can feel assured.

Adopting these three key values into my therapy allows us to explore solutions together that ultimately will come from within yourself.

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We are a group of experienced psychologists and therapists providing one-on-one talk therapy and assessments in native-level English, Spanish and German. You can either pick a clinician from below, or let us help you find just the right psychologist for you.

Peter Macfarlane,
Clinic manager, diagnosis, client-centered therapy and emotion-focused therapy.
Lene Bisgaard,
Couple therapy, stress, acceptance and commitment, mindfulness and coaching.
Hanne-Berit Hahnemann,
Couple therapy, anxiety, abuse, personality disorders, depression and stress.
Beverley Lim Høeg,
M.Sc., PhD
Stress/burn-out, grief and loss, illness-related issues, anxiety and depression.
Daniela Medina,
Psychologist offering psychotherapeutic treatment, in both English and Spanish.
Lou James,
MA, MSc., PGDip
I offer services in English, to families, parent, couples, individuals, and children.
Pilar Madueño,
M.S. Psychologist
I am a Spanish psychologist offering treatment in both English and Spanish.
Julia Patti,
M.S., MAS.
Julia sees adults and children in therapy, and further does child assessments.
Lark Peart – Online therapist,
Clinical Psychologist
I strive to work collaboratively, honestly, and warmly with each client.
Anna Bonato,
Registered Psychotherapist
I am a registered psychotherapist with experience providing therapy and assessments to children, young adults, and adults in a variety of settings.
Theresa Dahm,
Clinical Psychologist
I am a Clinical Psychologist with 10 years experience in the National Health Service in the UK.
Anastasia Tesler-Larsen,
Anastasia sees adult individuals and couples in all topics, including LGBTQI+ and polyamory. She works mainly with systemic and cognitive (CBT) therapy approaches.
Larissa Köhler,
I’m a licensed psychologist with a specialization in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I have therapeutic experience with various mental disorders and different patient groups.
Ailish Oliver,
I offer psychotherapy services in English to individuals (children and adults). My therapeutic style as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist is compassion focused.
Carina Winther Jørgensen,
I am a Danish psychologist providing therapy in Danish, English and French for adults individually and couples. I have 10 years of experience working as a therapist.
Martha Bruss,
I am a licensed psychologist with a specialization in Psychodynamic Therapy. I offer psychotherapy in German and English.
Babette Goldbach,
I am a psychologist, with a specialisation in cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy, offering support to clients of all ages in both German and English.